Memoir Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting Services for Memoir Writing and Editing

My Ghostwriting Services include writing and editing

When you are considering hiring a ghostwriter, choose one who provides a full range of ghostwriting services. It’s not enough to have a book written for you. Most people I speak to want more than a book; they want to be published, most of them traditionally.

I’ve developed a publishing team that includes

  • Top book editors to polish your book.
  • Successful and connected literary agents who are experts in memoir and narrative nonfiction.
  • Book promotion professionals that can market your book.
  • Professionals who can make your book a bestseller in your genre.

I take a personal interest in every book project I’m working on. I believe it’s vital to provide a complete ghostwriting service. Once the writing and editing services are complete, I will guide you in a search for a literary agent or a publishing house. If you’re looking for a traditional publisher, I work with several literary agents who like my work and will consider anything I present to them. Many non-fiction books are sold directly from the book proposal, even before the complete manuscript is written.

To approach literary agents we will need to complete a book proposal first. Like any business proposal, a book proposal lays out for the prospective publishers not only the complete structure of the book in a table of contents, two sample chapters, professional bios, but also includes a complete marketing analysis. Publishers make a decision based on the writing sample and the marketing analysis.

I would be glad to provide some samples of the book proposals I’ve completed. When choosing a ghostwriter, you want a professional who can take you every step along the path to publication.

If you are considering self-publishing your book, there has never been a more exciting and confusing time to be an author. Exciting because you have so many options in front of you and many of them are begging for your business. Confusing because you have so many options in front of you begging for your business you will have a difficult time making the correct choice.

This is where my ghostwriting services will help you. I work closely with all of my clients to assure them they are making the right decision for their needs, that their books receive the attention they deserve, and that they are satisfied with the final product. It’s how I work.

Ghostwriting Service Costs

Self-Help Books or Business Books                                                                   $30,000
Full Length Personal and Business Memoirs                                                                    $25,000
Novels                                                  $25,000 to $40,000
Book Proposals                                                                      $10,000
Developmental Editing                                                                     $75 P/H
Blogging                                                                      $75P/H
Manuscript Review – Complete Manuscript                                                                                                                                                             $1,000
Manuscript Copy-Editing                                                                       $75P/H

Professional Ghostwriting

I specialize in full-length personal and business memoirs and self-help book projects. My services include interviewing you to develop an outline and scope for the entire project. Then through extensive interviewing, transcribing, and writing I produce a completed book. Then after editing the final manuscript, you will have a book ready for publishing. I work closely with you until you are happy with the final product.

Free Consult about Book Project

I offer a free phone consult to discuss your book project. We can discuss your story, the cost of writing and editing, and publishing options available to you.

Manuscript Evaluation Services

If you have a manuscript already completed, I will read it and give you a comprehensive analysis of what’s required to bring your story up to publishable standards. This usually takes two weeks.

If we then work together, I will deduct this fee from the overall cost of the book project.

Book Proposals

Whether you’re an author who is looking to publish a memoir, novel or self-help book, traditional publishers require a book proposal.

A book proposal is a marketing document. This can be prepared in advance for self-help books. For memoirs, it’s typically prepared after the entire manuscript is complete.

A book proposal should include the following elements:

  • An overview of the project that convincingly explains the take aways a reader can expect
  • Bios of author and writer
  • A marketing plan that details how the author plans to help market the book
  • Competitive books section
  • Annotated table of contents
  • Two to three sample chapters

I would be glad to furnish samples for your review that will show the level of detail required to market a book to literary agents.

Manuscript Evaluation

Customer Sign Up For Manuscript Evaluation

Publishing Options

I will be glad to consult with you regarding your publishing options. If you intend to pursue a traditional publisher, you will need a completed and compelling book proposal.

Professional Ghostwriting:

I Can Guarantee Five Things When We’re Finished

  1. Your manuscript will be publication quality
    Your manuscript will be publication worthy and edited to industry standards using Chicago Manual of Style. It will be ready to submit to a literary agent or a publishing house of your choice if you choose to self-publish.
  2. It will be your story told in your voice
    This will be your story that captures your emotions and experiences and is true to your personality and voice.
  3. Your manuscript will be reviewed by a professional editor
    My price is all inclusive. I use outside professionals who will smooth out any issues with the prose or logic of the story to copy edit and proofread your manuscript.
  4. For those who select the Traditional Publishing Option, you will have a book proposal and query letter to submit to publishers.
    If you want to publish traditionally, you’ll need to present a book proposal to literary agents to seek representation. I will introduce you to agents who may be interested in your book, and I’ll guide you through the submission process.
  5. You will have a book that will compete with others in its category.
    The writing, the structure, the prose, the content will mark this book as high quality, authentic to its purpose, and an enjoyable read. It will be the book you always dreamed of writing.

Your story deserves the care and attention I will give it. I don’t rush it. I don’t put words in your mouth. I help you understand and articulate what you already know.