Memoir Ghostwriter


Glen Halvorson, M.D.

Author of OPC: Superstar Antioxidant

He took my hundreds of pages of notes and citations and fashioned them into a readable book that readers can use to enhance their health. He’s a strong writer, a solid editor, and a good guy.

Denny & Lissa Bellesi

Authors of Kingdom Assignment 2

John captured our voices and the spirit of what we were trying to accomplish and delivered a book we use in our ministry. His help was invaluable to the success of the book.

I don’t hesitate to recommend him.

Denny and Lissa Bellesi
Pastor and Author
Creators of the Kingdom Assignments Outreach

David Fleet

Author of F.A.M.I.L.Y: Forget About Me, I Love You: The Fight for the Unconditional Man

John’s insights and polishing…took my work to a level recognized as professional and worthy.

Without hesitation, I give, and have, the highest regard for John DeSimone’s ability as an editor and writer.

David Fleet
Cornerstone Homes

Natalie Suleman: Octomom

Natalie Suleman author of Octomom

John, you are a poet. Thank you for your help.

Ronald Quejas-Risdon

Author of Keeping the Peace: Lessons from Twenty Years of Peacekeeping with the United Nations

I brought a broken manuscript to John. I’d spent years writing my memoir that meandered all over the place. He patiently and expertly worked with me to rewrite the entire book, ferreting out the deeper story to create a story with an arc and a satisfying ending. The process proved therapeutic as well as producing a tight narrative that truly explored all the elements of my story. After completion of the project, I was able to secure a top New York agent who is helping me sell the book. John is not only a great writer, but also a great guy to know and work with. I highly recommend him.

Mark Andrews

Author of Sword of the Covenant

When I handed off a partial draft of my military-thriller novel to John, it was a mess. I had a fairly good story outlined, but I really didn’t know how to tell it. And I didn’t have a clue about what it took to craft thriller fiction. John patiently went through several chapters, line by line, and in a firm but cordial manner told me how I had missed the boat with unnecessary backstory, too much technical detail, etc. And he taught me how to set up the essential components of thriller fiction to resonate with a reader. By the time I finished adopting his critiques and rewriting a good portion of my work, I finally had a book that was ready to show to publishers. Even my agent thought it was much better. Thanks John!

Timothy Chapman

Author of The Power of Parental Influence

John not only took the time to understand my addiction therapy, but wrote a book I use every day in my recovery program working with teens and adults. It has been an invaluable tool. The book has saved me countless hours of teaching, and increased the reach of my programs.

John’s a gifted writer, and I look forward to working with him again.

Timothy Chapman
CEO & President
Teensavers Adolescent Treatment Centers